20 questions teen boys ask their moms

(nearly every day)

20 questions teen boys ask their moms

Conversations between mothers and sons are simple and predictable during the daylight hours. Mothers ask their sons about school, girls, friends, and homework and generally receive uninformative mono-syllabic responses. Boys ask their moms about food and everyday things their 10-year-old minds knew but their teenage minds can’t remember.

Car rides, bedtime, and teen drama can bring up deeper, more thoughtful interactions, but moms will be disappointed if they expect meaningful conversations all day long. Here are some questions you can typically expect most every day from a teenage boy:

Why do I have to get up already?

What’s for dinner?

Where are the scissors?

Can you make cookies today?

Why do I have to do that now?

When’s dinner?

Where’s my charger?

Can you bring me something to eat?

Does this smell dirty?

When are you going to the grocery?

Where’s my wallet?

Can you edit this paper for me?

Can I have some money for dinner? 

Where are my car keys?

Can I have money for gas?

Am I paying for dinner, or are you?

Can you wash my uniform for tomorrow?

Can I have money for a milkshake?

Do I have to go?

Can you make cookies while I’m gone?

You can’t make this stuff up.



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