while writing is an important exercise in my daily routine, speaking provides me an instant opportunity to connect and interact with people. For years, I’ve been speaking to groups and organizations, from children to adults. I’d love to explore the possibility of speaking at your next event. Let’s inspire one another!

topics & Recent speaking engagement


I’ve been obsessed with studying and teaching about prayer for the last 6 years or so. Recently, I’ve written 2 books on prayer, one Christian living title, and one corresponding 7-week Bible study. Both bear the title Soulspeak: Praying Change into Unexpected Places. Keep an eye out for publication dates! You can visit my prayer blog at www.7prayersthatwork.com to read and learn more about prayer.


“Discipling Your Children”—the craft of teaching, training, and disciplining to raise up children who serve God from a pure heart (SEE “Madame Zookeeper” and “10 Responses to Difficult Children” for a fun read and “How to Discipline in Love” and “10 Things I want my Boys to learn about Living” for some practical how-to advice about parenting.

“Establishing a Spiritual Foundation”—the intentional process of developing spiritually-receptive children, tilling hearts to welcome God’s word, and raising children with a God-centered worldview. (SEE “Mothering Alone.”)

“Choosing Your Child’s Education”—an unbiased presentation of pros and cons of various educational options  (public, private, Christian, home-school), based on research and experience as a parent and teacher. (SEE “Choosing Public Schools,” “Choosing Private Schools,” “Considering Christian Schools,” and “Considering Home School.“)


Covering a variety of topics and applications, my husband and I speak on establishing a godly marriage, living the 100%/100% rule, and looking to God alone for true happiness and holiness. Practical applications and activities include handling in-laws, kids, money, decision-making, friends, infidelity, and personal holiness. Click on “3 Reasons You Can’t Affair-Proof Your Marriage” and “How to be Your Husband’s Best Friend Without Losing Your Identity” (both from Crosswalk.com) to see our anti-cliche prescription for building a healthy Christian marriage.


This talk addresses the 21st century’s most overwhelming issue–kids who have grown up with absent fathers, either through death, divorce, disconnection, or devastation. I share my own personal story, as well as the stories of others, to broach the important topic of dealing with fatherlessness and how that impacts our ability to trust and follow our Heavenly Father. (SEE my account of finding my father’s crash site in “Searching for my Father. You can also read a little about my perspective on a father’s legacy in “What I think about on Memorial Day.)

The Assemblies of God Element Women’s Leadership Conference

West End Assembly of God Marriage Mentoring classes

The Bridge Assemblies of God Church, women’s conference

West End Assembly of God, pulpit

The Assemblies of God Pastors’ Conference in Cuba

Commonwealth Chapel, MOPS event

Tuckahoe Middle School, girls’ Bible Breakfasts

West End Assembly of God, LIFT women’s Bible study

Women’s conferences in Costa Rica and Brazil

Trinity Episcopal School, Motivational speaking at football dinners

West End Assembly of God, MOPS events

Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, women’s conference

West End Assembly of God, women’s retreats

West End Assembly of God, discipleship classes

Small group Bible studies and home groups

Marriage Conference, Dohna, Germany



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