best Christmas books for children

what are the best christmas books for children?

With 50,000 titles in the Children’s Christmas book category on Amazon, you’ve got a lot to choose from. I’d love to hear what you read to your kids at Christmastime. I’ve paged through a lot over the years, but something about the season makes me partial to the beautifully-illustrated picture books.

I’m remembering a crackling fire in the fireplace, Christmas tree lights twinkling on the tree behind glitter ornaments made at school. We’re eating sugar cookies and brushing the crumbs off our blankets. My boys and I are snuggled together in our jammies and fleece robes. We’re on the couch with a book before us, paging through those gorgeous stories we only pull out for one month every year.

Until they outgrow them. Which is a tragedy of great magnitude.

Time has stopped in my memory. That’s makes memories so precious—a snapshot of how life used to be, how we wish it always was. The darkened room is magic, all firelight and lamps, with the scent of pine and cranberry. I feel nostalgic, happy, and oh, so very lucky.

Here are some of my favorites stories. Don’t worry, I’ve thrown in a couple must-reads, even though the illustrations aren’t watercolor art. (If you’ve got babies and toddlers, you can’t leave out Spot and the Grinch.) I’ve added links to Amazon so you can buy them if you want.

I’m saving my Christmas books for grandchildren. My jammies are bigger now. My tree is decorated with matching ornaments. Nothing made from paper and glue.

And the books are calling me home.

best christmas books for children:

The best story ever. I memorized it as a child. This version is illustrated by Jan Brett, so it is sublime. You will never grow tired of it.
Amazing, clever, fun story. And all the movie versions are great, too. I grew up on the cartoon, but I think I like Jim Carrey‘s the best now.
My kids used to perform this song for us every Christmas because I bought the book and sang it to them. You can also buy the version that includes the CD.
If you’ve seen the movie, you know the book is amazing. Won the Caldecott Medal in 1986.
If you’ve taken your kids to see the Nutcracker or you plan to, here’s delightful introduction. Yes, it’s Jan Brett.
Written by my good friend Crystal Bowman and her daughter Teri McKinley, this is one of my all-time favorites, telling the Christmas story in chronological order using the alphabet.
I love the story of how Christmas trees became a holiday tradition and the Christian meaning behind this festive activity.
Oh, my, this is so cute. It’s a “Teacher’s Pick.” And yes, it’s Jan Brett again.
I”m a fan of all versions of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, but this one is exquisite, especially for children.This is a visual retelling, with loads of illustrations to tell the story. My favorite movie version stars Patrick Stewart.
LIke The Legend of the Christmas Tree, this book gives the symbolism behind the candy cane, told with a lovely Christmas story.
This allegory of the Biblical Christmas story is a lovely way to share Jesus’ birth at Christmas. Plus, Margaret Wise Brown is a classic children’s author.
Here’s a cute book for preschoolers. You gotta lift some flaps to celebrate Spot’s first Christmas. This is total nostalgia for me. My first baby was obsessed with Spot.

Merry Christmas, everyone! And happy reading and snuggling!