IMG_0539Words of wisdom for the graduate, the newlywed, and the new parent–and also for the aging, the tired, and the cynical:

Work first, and play later. Schedule both.

Clean up after yourself.

You will become the person you are already being.

The truth is always true, even if you don’t believe it.

Make your home a haven for everyone.

Count your blessings.

Read voraciously, your whole life.

Laugh and cry without reservation or embarrassment.

Share what you feel, but guard what you say.

Notice every sunset, every flower petal, and every bird nest. Nature is thrilling.

Apologize for wrong-doing, irresponsibilities, and ignorance.

Say “I love you” every day to someone.

Pray often.

Don’t waste time trying to be perfect. Instead, be enthusiastic.

Be a planner, yet be spontaneous.

Keep doing the things you loved most as a kid.

Sing boldly.

Be yourself. You’re the only one who can be.

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