I have a profound revelation/piece of advice for all my readers out there. Are you ready? Here it is:  Do something you love ever day before 8 am. It will change your whole day.IMG_3529

You ask, is that even possible, other than sleeping in? Well, I guess sleeping in also fits the description of things I love. (I just don’t have time for it.)

Consider what do we usually do before 8 am, and you’ll see what I mean:

  • hit the snooze alarm
  • get up
  • get dressed (which may include trying on various clothes because something doesn’t look right–double downer)
  • exercise (triple downer for me, but good afterwards)
  • fix breakfast/eat breakfast/leave dirty dishes in the sink/wash dishes
  • get kids up and ready for school
  • make kids’ breakfasts and lunches
  • find out that your child forgot to study for a test or do a project that’s due today!
  • make the bed/don’t make the bed and regret it later
  • general clean up
  • have devotions/read your Bible or a book/pray
  • read the paper/watch the news
  • make a list of all the things you should do today that you don’t have time for
  • miss carpool or the bus/have to drive child to school
  • get gas in the car
  • leave for work
  • speed to work/get traffic ticket/be late

This list is not so exciting. Even if you love to exercise or make breakfast in the morning, it’s still difficult to find the time. And I’m not even meddling in the Bible reading thing. (I know, you’ll do it later.)

My revelation this morning began after I realized that I needed to use up some fruit that would spoil before I got home on Sat. (I’m leaving for a few days). I baked banana-chocolate chip muffins and an apple crisp, and not for breakfast. Just because! I’m elated. (Even though I have a long list of things to do still.)

I did something practical, profitable, and pleasurable, and I finished before I had to start work. (I even washed the floors and cleaned the bathroom, but that would sound like bragging to mention, so I’m not mentioning it.)

I did many of the things on the big list up above, too, but none of them filled up my emotional tank. Baking did. I guess that’s why I like making hot breakfasts every day. (Yes, I made waffles, too, but don’t hate me.) Oh–I just remembered, I haven’t exercised or taken a shower yet. No wonder I had time to bake. Hmm. (And I tutored at 9 am, in plain clothes and dirty hair.)

Well, I guess you can’t do it all. So try to do at least 1 thing that makes you start the day with a smile.  Maybe it’s the “Today Show.” Maybe it’s the paper (can’t imagine why!) or cuddles with your toddler (miss those days!), or sitting outside with your coffee for 10 minutes while bedlam ensues in the kitchen. Whatever it is, give it to yourself. It will change your whole outlook. It will energize you for the day and remind you that life is good.

It’s going to be a great day! After all, the best things in life are the things you can’t buy.

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