What better way to teach kids about ancient literature than to turn yourself into a super-hero? In 2011, my students and I explored characterization in a new way–by creating a super-hero from our own strengths and weaknesses. What fatal flaw could ultimately bring me down? What’s my secret weapon? Then we put our skills to the test in a round-robin tournament.

As a super-mom and a teacher, I decided that my best power was the ability to see everything, so I covered my cape entirely with eyeballs. My staff came equipped with a hook for yanking kids back into line, and of course, I wore a crown. How can any girl dress up without a crown? I was completely clothed in lycra for easy mobility. My umbrella served the useful purpose of protecting my eyes from rain and sun (my nemesis is over-exposure to the elements); it could also be used as a defensive weapon when necessary.

My name? Specta-gal!

What fun to finally re-enact what I’ve always claimed to have–eyes in the back of my head!

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