unnamedLong overdue, I finally took the Meyers-Briggs personality test. It came across my path, so I took it. That’s surprising spontaneous for my Nature category (non-impulsive) but definitely representative of Tactics category (hyper-organized).

According to Meyers-Briggs, I am a “Commander,” a ENTJ-A. I don’t know if I’m buying it. But as with most personality tests, you should really take it more than once or have someone who knows you well take it for you. Here’s what they said about me:

MIND: Extroverted 60%

ENERGY: Intuitive 68%

NATURE: Thinking 60%

TACTICS: Judging 85%

IDENTITY: I’m over-ruling this finding, which was Assertive 66%. I think this one is wrong because the Turbulent side is perfectionistic, success-driven, and emotional, which I definitely am over the Assertive (who apparently don’t worry and don’t push themselves). HELLO, NOT ME. If the rest is correct, then I’d be a ENTJ-T.

Role: Analyst. This makes sense. I over-analyze everything. Take this test analysis, for example.

Strategy: People Mastery. I don’t know about this one, either–I think they missed the mark, but I’ll take it again later and see if something changes. If “people mastery” means discernment or intuition, than okay. If if means people manipulation or savvy people skills, not me, either.

I also am concerned about the 60% range from the first 3 categories. This looks like me not knowing how to answer the questions honestly and playing it safe in the middle. In talking about this recently with friends, someone suggested having your spouse take the test for you because a spouse doesn’t lie. For example, look at these questions:

  • you find it easy to stay relaxed and focused even when you’re under pressure
  • you feel superior to other people
  • people can rarely upset you
  • your mood can change very quickly
  • you rarely worry about how your actions affect other people
  • you rarely feel insecure

Ahem. Yes, that might be a more accurate test. I can picture my husband laughing as he answers these questions and saying things like, “This is easy.” I’ll get back to you if I allow him to take it for me. Until then, maybe you’d like to take it yourself.

If you’re interested, log onto to http://www.16personalities.com and take the test.



image from http://www.16personalities.com/profiles/56a9790d68951

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