Wow! I loved this book on entitlement, which as you know, is a hot topic with me. Townsend nails the problem and the solution in his latest book, The Entitlement Cure: finding success in doing hard things the right way by Dr. John Townsend (Zondervan, 2015). I highly recommend reading it!

_200_360_Book.1753.coverAnother practical and thought-provoking book by the author of bestselling book Boundaries challenges readers to consider the existence and extent of entitlement on their lives. Chronic entitlement has dramatically affected our country, on a corporate as well as personal level. By sharing hundreds of cases from his
experience as a leadership consultant and psychologist, Townsend lays out a plan for overcoming entitlement in your own life or helping someone you know beat the self-absorbed mindset that is causing them to damage their relationship and performance at home and work. This is a must-read for parents, teachers, and managers.

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