What to do when you're tired

What to do when you’re tired

I’m tired. I’ll bet you are, too, so you’re semi-mindlessly scanning posts to feel either invigorated or validated. I’m doing the same thing, only I do it by writing.

It’s a nicer version of complaining. On the positive side, you might feel perkier by reading about how tired I am.

The school year has started up again, and if you’re a parent, a student, or a teacher, YOU ARE TIRED. I shouldn’t complain, because at least we got the summer basically off, whereas the rest of the world just keeps on working and doesn’t have this awful ramp-up time of preparation or changed bedtime and wake-time routines every September.

This is the part of the blog where I should give good advice about how to overcome tiredness. Or in my case, this is where I need you to post a comment about how to overcome tiredness, because I stink at it. Please, I beg you, alleviate my exhaustion with wisdom not yet discovered by me!

You’ll say something like:

  • no electronics before bedtime
  • exercise daily
  • no caffeine in the evening
  • go to bed early (by 10:00), before your sleep/wake routine starts over
  • leave the house tidy at bedtime so your mornings go smoothly
  • take medication
  • read in bed
  • drink wine
  • drink hot milk
  • play music in the morning
  • drink coffee in the morning

Am I hitting everything?

Well, I’m an insomniac, so advice about resting doesn’t resonate as well with me as it does with other people. If you can sleep well every night, bless you. (But I’m making a face right now because I don’t like you so much.) I have found the only way for me to sleep well is to go on vacation.

I’m serious. It’s just too bad I’m not independently wealthy so I can vacation every month and catch myself up on my sleep.

And with that, I need to go exercise, drink some caffeine, and begin my list for the day. I need to not fall asleep while driving, not yawn at my students, and not stay up late making a list of all the things I didn’t accomplish today that I won’t accomplish tomorrow (but I will feel guilty about and try to do anyway).

Good morning, in the perkiest Gene Kelly kind of way. I hope you have a cheerful and alert day.

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