Yoga pants, I love you!

You always feel just right.

I want to wear you every day

From morning on ‘til night.


When I’m feeling chubby,

You can make me thin.

When I can’t choose outfits,

You’re the place that I begin.


You’re perfect for the grocery,

You’re perfect for the gym,

You’re perfect for my housework,

I love you on my skin.


Why would I wear blue jeans?

Why wear those skinny pants?

They only feel confining,

Like g-string underpants.


I know I should wear dresses

And boots upon my feet,

But when I put on Lycra,

That’s when I feel complete.


Yoga pants, I love you.

I will never let you go.

Even if style changes,

I will go against the flow.


I can’t give you up–

You’re the apple of my eye.

Together we have bonded,

Like a la mode and cherry pie.


I miss you every Sunday

When I leave to go to church,

But, oh, I find you quickly

Later on your bedpost perch!


I thank you for your service

Until I wear you out.

And then I’ll find another

Whose praises I will shout.

image by Circe Denyer

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