Get this Bible, if you want deeper Bible study, and you don’t want to go to seminary or Bible college. I am astonished at the amount of study guides and visual imagery included within this volume. I have studied a variety of Bibles, but this NLT Bible offers some unique amenities not found in your typical study Bible. It does not just contain reference material, concordance, and photographs of the Holy Land. Its stunning pictures and maps are National Geographic quality, documented and explained with historical and cultural detail. Interesting (not obvious) footnotes cover the 402003bottom of every page; longer exposition of key characters, cultural details, and locations appear regularly midst the corresponding passage. The notes are readable, relevant, and applicable–not overly-scholarly or seemingly unnecessary for the non-Greek/non-Hebrew student. The photographic images compelled me to read the corresponding passages. Another special feature I love are the timelines. A continuous timeline of the Bible’s sections runs across the bottom of every page, and a detailed, historical and illustrated timeline at the beginning of the Bible charts Biblical history with world history, making the sequence of the Bible more understandable. This NLT Bible provides a Bible-class education and personal Bible study all at once. This Bible does have thin pages, which makes highlighting and underlining difficult; thicker pages, however, would make this large volume even bigger. As of now, this hardcover book is so large, you wouldn’t take it anywhere. But it is a study Bible, after all. I think the only way to improve the page quality would be to divide this into 2 volumes, perhaps Old and New Testament. But that might rule out some of its audience.

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