Merry Christmas from my husband Shane and I (on our 29th wedding anniversary)

Merry Christmas, everyone—I pray that your day will be filled with delight, joy, and thanksgiving.

The Hallmark movie kind of moments would be great, for sure, but I hope you have more substantial moments filled with real love, acceptance, and security.

I hope you are humbled by the meaning and spirit of Christmas. Christ with us, the hope of glory. God took on human flesh—and a helpless baby from a poor, unwed mother, at that—and He called Himself “Emmanuel,” God with us.

God, as Jesus, came to earth to live a human life so He could understand our suffering. He lived a perfect life in perfect purpose to call all mankind to Himself. Then He died a human death in our place so He could reconcile us to a holy God. He rose from the dead because He was still deity–He was God the Creator of all things–omnipotent and omnipresent.

I pray for God to be with you today and every day, to give your life purpose and meaning. Not just on Christmas so you have warm fuzzy feelings of happiness, but every day when the warm fuzzies are gone and you have to work and pay bills and be kind to difficult people.

God with you, and give you hope, peace, and eternal glory.

Merry Christmas!

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