What could be more fun than a competitive ice cream eating contest? But the rule is–you can’t use your hands at all!

Often enough, I run into young moms despairing over what to do with boys. For many moms who’ve raised a few daughters first, a rambunctious boy will leave you scratching your head about how to hold your son’s attention for longer than 5 minutes.

Here are some other favorite inexpensive activities from our years in boyland:

Water gun and/or water balloon fights
Nerf gun fights indoors
Hotwheels, with lots of track
Zoo, nature exhibits, and aquariums
Imaginative toys: castles, cowboys, armymen, dinosaurs
Putting on plays (preferably that involve fighting & dying)
Movie marathons
Obstacle course or maze (blindfolded, in the dark, or with water traps)
Lego creations and Playmobiles
Dress-up: soldiers, super-heroes, pirates, knights, etc., with weaponry (of course)
Making popsicles & homemade ice cream
Star Wars anything
Board games and card games
Karaoke or video camera fun
Enjoy your active boy! You can always wash the floors after he’s grown up.

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