3 Reasons the seasons are good for you

It’s happening. (Well, maybe.)

The leaves are turning yellow and falling, but that might be from our Indian summer. We’ve got 90s in late September and no rain since I can’t remember when.

Autumn is on its way, even though I’m not wearing a sweater. The change of seasons inspires and uplifts me. Guess why?

  • Change creates an atmosphere of expectation. If nothing ever changes, then I have nothing to hope and wait for. And that’s never good. But anticipation of new seasons, whether related to weather, stage of life, work, or vacation, sets off a mechanism of planning, reflecting, and hoping. And that is good for you psychologically. (Click here to read “How to embrace change you don’t really want.”)
  • Change gives everyone a unique environment for happiness. Seasons have personalities, just like we do. Life is rushing past us with regularity and rhythm. We must slow it down, change it, love it, endure it, and honor it. If we learn to appreciate the changes we can’t control, like the seasons, we get better at appreciating all the other big and little things in our lives. Appreciation and thankfulness helps us belong to something without being enslaved to it. (Click here to read “Why I dislike September but love October.”)
  • Change reminds us of our cyclical world. When we accept that everything has a shelf life, we can better manage our expectations. Knowing that everything cycles back can give us hope and peace. Maybe that’s where Solomon was going when he observed in Ecclesiastes 3: “There’s a time for everything and a purpose for every season under heaven.” (Click here to read “10 Things I’m re-learning in 2019.”)

Solomon’s paradoxes have been quoted for thousands of years because they ring true in every culture and time period. We all:

  • are born & die
  • plant & uproot
  • kill & heal
  • tear down & build up
  • mourn & dance
  • scatter & gather
  • embrace & don’t embrace
  • search & give up
  • keep & throw away
  • tear & mend
  • be silent & speak
  • love & hate
  • war & make peace

The blessing of this list reminds us that everything occurs within a period of time, whether we’re tired of that season or not. Everything exists in a format of change that has a beginning and an end. (Click here to read “4 Suggestion for organizing unexpected change.”)

So when you’re experiencing a season of grief, it might help to believe that you will be happy again. When you’re searching for something you can’t find, you can find peace in giving up the search. Although creativity is fun, all great projects get completed (or abandoned). All those things you are excited to purchase, you will eventually toss out. Nothing new stays new forever. (Click here to read “The surprising benefit of grief.”)

These paradoxes are good for us. The seasons are good for us. They keep us expecting more, challenging more, learning more about ourselves. We are transient creatures in a transient world; change is vital to life.

So bring on the cool weather, Mother Nature. I’m ready for it.

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